Letter of Intent for Research Projects

The FinTech Center is offering competitive grants to encourage research and academic writing in the field of Blockchain and related topics.

The Center funds research in a wide variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, law, policy, sociology, arts and humanities, accounting, computing, economics, environment, science, engineering, health, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and supply chain. 

For our 2020 call for papers, we have identified four research areas:

1) Scalability and Privacy in Blockchain Networks

2) Value and Monetization in Blockchain Networks

3) Cryptocurrencies and Sustainability

4) Policy, Regulations and Contracts

The FinTech Center has provided a few resources in these areas for you to explore in determining your specific topic.

Submission Process

Applicants must first submit a letter of intent by June 5, 2020. The letter of intent will be vetted for the suitability of the topic and the scope and methodology of the writing. Upon approval by the FinTech Center, applicants can submit a complete paper by September 14, 2020. The completed papers will undergo a peer-review process and up to five of those papers will be awarded $10,000 each. The competitive funding will be provided to the author(s) in proportion to the amount of work contributed to the final research paper. The awardee(s) must be directly affiliated with an HBCU in the United States.  Awardee(s) need to submit a W-9 form to receive the award.


Letter of Intent (LOI)

The letter of intent  should be a narrative of no more than one page (600 words) and should include:

  • Author(s) name(s)
  • Affiliations
  • Research question and the primary area it addresses
  • Why the research question is important
  • Is there a research gap and how you will address it 
  • Methodology to be followed

A letter of intent will be accepted no later than June 5, 2020.  No more than one LOI will be accepted per author. 

Completed Research Paper

The deadline for submitting the paper is September 14, 2020. 

The paper should be about twenty (20) pages, excluding the Bibliography, using 1½ spaces and 12 point Times Roman font, 

The paper should include:

  • Author(s) name (s), consistent with the LOI 
  • Affiliation, consistent with the LOI 
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Preliminary Results
  • Bibliography

The paper needs to be high-quality enough to be accepted by a leading conference in the discipline. In addition to the paper, the CV of the primary author needs to be submitted. Decisions on the selected papers will be made by Oct. 26, 2020.