Interested in Blockchain and Financial Technology?

The Blockchain and FinTech Club is looking for like-minded scholars interested in the exciting field of FinTech.

What you will get:

Learn more about this most important technology that is reshaping the world of business and finance

Collaborate with students at other universities to build your professional network

Practical hands-on, real-time training with Blockchain and Fintech

The opportunity to build your knowledge and skills

Gain experience that will make your resume more appealing in the job market

Opportunity to give back to the community

How you will get it:

Attending meetings and seminars hosted by the Fintech Center

Competing in hack-a-thons and other case competitions

Networking with other schools both locally and nationally

Meet the Leaders

Michael Ligons


Claude Bou-Abboud

Vice President

Devin Booker

Social Media Chair