Cleve Mesidor (Left), Judith Schnidman, Oyedoyin Aduroja, Dr. Sanjay Bapna (Right)

Interested in Blockchain and Financial Technology?

The Blockchain and FinTech Society is looking for like-minded scholars interested in the exciting field of Blockchain and FinTech.

Get the opportunity to:

Learn more about this transformational technology that is reshaping the world of business and finance

Get practical hands-on, real-time, training with Blockchain and Fintech

Gain experience that will make your resume more appealing in the job market

Collaborate with students at other universities 

By getting involved in:

Attending meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences hosted by the Fintech Center

Competing in Cryptocurrency Investment Challenges and other case competitions

Making contacts with potential employers to explore internships 

Joining a national network of HBCU Student Blockchain Clubs

Meet the Leaders

Nihit Rawal


Oyedoyin Aduroja

Vice President

Martial Ddamba-Kawunde

Social Media Officer


The FinTech Center works with students and faculty on HBCU campuses to encourage the creation of Student Blockchain Clubs. 

These student-run organizations reach across departmental lines to welcome students from all majors who are interested in and excited about learning about blockchain and FinTech. 

These clubs provide opportunities for students to educate and empower themselves and gain the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in this whole new world.  

 Drawing on the resources of faculty and private sector experts they explore professional opportunities for internships, employment, and starting their own companies using blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Rising to the challenge of virtual college campuses, student blockchain clubs continue to plan activities that go beyond face-to-face meetings. In the fall of 2020, the Morgan Student Blockchain Club will lead the way by creating a Cryptocurrency Investment Challenge. Students will be given fiat currency to invest in whichever cryptocurrencies they choose.  Winners will be chosen based on their portfolio’s performance.