Working Paper Series

Understanding consumer take-up of fintech and its potential value

Spelman College

The Effect of Blockchain Technology on Supply Chain Sustainability Performances

North Carolina A&T State University

A Study on Value Creation through Blockchain-based Supply Chain Networks in Lean Production System

Jackson State University

Estimating Environmental Damages Cost of Cryptocurrency Mining using Statistical Methods

Morgan State University

Blockchain-based Global Value Chain: A Conceptual Model for Adaptive, Efficient, and Agile Management

Morgan State University

Global Expansion of Cryptocurrencies: The Effect of Digital Readiness of Economies

Morgan State University

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Exploring the Diffusion of Blockchain Technology though an Empirical Study Information Science & Systems
Expanding Your Accounting/IS Classroom with Blockchain Technology: A Case Study Approach Information Science & Systems and Accounting
Making Smart Contracts Smarter Business Administration
A Preliminary Blockchain Assessment Framework Management Information Systems
The Application and Development of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methodologies for the Blockchain Paradigm Computer Science
Blockchain and Human Resources: Advanced Recruitment, Selection and Compensation Business Administration
Cryptocurrency – A Million Dollar Dream or a Reality Check Accounting and Information Science & Systems
Increasing Trust in A Blockchain-based Supply Chain: Secure Multi-party Computation Information Science & Systems, Accounting and Finance