Center for the Study of
Blockchain and Financial Technology

Due to safety concerns related to the potential spread of COVID-19, the FinTech Center has suspended all face-to-face conferences and workshops. Join us as we go virtual, beginning with:

The National HBCU Blockchain Webinar Series 

Developments in revolutionary technologies such as Blockchain move fast.  Universities need to stay engaged not only in conducting breakthrough research to advance knowledge in the new technology but also update and innovate their curricula to prepare students for the rapid market changes.

The Center was established to provide an environment that promotes learning and more in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and its impact on finance, business, industry, government, and various aspects of social life.

The Center offers programs, workshops, conferences, and seminars which bring together academic researchers, practitioners, corporate leaders, and policymakers.

In February 2019, we received a generous multi-year grant from Ripple, a Silicon Valley technology firm*.  The Ripple grant enables Morgan’s Center for the Study of Blockchain and Financial Technology (the FinTech Center) at Morgan’s Graves Business School to join the global network of universities to advance the goals of Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI). We focus on the development of specialized curricula, expansion of academic courses, hosting of conferences and awarding of scholarships to faculty and students pursuing work in blockchain technology, crypto-assets, digital payments, and related topics.

The 2nd National HBCU Blockchain Summit


(until further notice)