The FinTech Center at Morgan State University is pleased to OFFER FINANCIAL INCENTIVES to Morgan State University’s faculty for innovative course modifications to integrate Blockchain into existing courses.

To learn how Blockchain could relate to your discipline, join us for an interactive workshop, for faculty of all disciplines, that will raise awareness of use cases for Blockchain and how the technology is transforming every industry.

Morgan State University’s own Dr. Dessa David dives deep into Blockchain basics and answers the infamous question: what is blockchain and why we need to pay attention to it. Dessa J. David, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Science and Systems, Earl Graves School of Business and Management, Morgan State University. Dr. David received a B.S in Computational Mathematics and an M.A. in Computer Science from Brooklyn College @ CUNY; an M. Phil and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Graduate Center @ CUNY. Dr. David enjoys teaching and is passionate about her students. She teaches graduate and undergraduate classes, in areas of Information Systems. Her research interests include Information Technology Implementation, adoption, and diffusion; Information Systems Strategy; blockchain and supply chain. She teaches the Blockchain fundamentals course at the GSBM.

Dante Pacella from Verizon will explore content integrity and Verizon’s Full Transparency Project. Dante Pacella is a Fellow in Verizon’s Applied Research Lab. Areas of focus include Blockchain, Privacy Preserving Technology, Quantum Communications, and Web 3.0. He was the carrier lead for the Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN) and took part in GSMA’s Blockchain Wholesale Roaming Working Group over the past two years. Previous to his current role, Dante was lead architect for Verizon’s global backbone network. He has co-authored several IETF drafts and RFCs. He helped form and now leads Verizon’s Blockchain Competency Center as well as Verizon’s Blockchain Forum.

David MacFadyen, Music and Arts Professor at UCLA will explain NFTs  (Non Fungible Tokens) and how they are transforming the ownership rights in music and the arts. David MacFadyen is the author of multiple books on the history of Slavic literature and music, specifically the popular traditions of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Professor MacFadyen, as a reflection of these wide interests, holds positions both in the Comparative Literature and Musicology Departments at UCLA. His offerings include classes dedicated to musical, literary, cinematic, and technical issues of a rapidly changing world.

Mike McCoy Associate Director of Emerging Technology at Humana will share how Blockchain is being used to revolutionize healthcare. Mike is an applied research and product manager with experience in building emerging technology in the healthcare, life science, public sector, finance and multimedia industries. At the heart of his work is a mission to improve our health and experiences with technology. Professionally Mr. McCoy is the Associate Director of Emerging Technology at Humana where he helps manage and build new software, hardware and technical systems for the Healthcare Services Emerging Technology portfolio. Previously at Accenture and ConsenSys, he has worked in technical strategy, product development, integration and growth roles to build technical and sustainable solutions. Outside of Humana he is an Adjunct Professor at Thomas Jefferson University’s Institute of Emerging Health Professions as a lecturer and course developer for their graduate certificate programs including Blockchain for Healthcare, Intro to Clinical Data and Telehealth and Connected Care: Advanced Course. He is also Chair of The Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Healthcare Special Interest Group and is an active member to IEEE, HIMSS, Frontiers, Blockchain in Healthcare Today, Blockchain for Social Impact and other technical and social working groups.