From biased algorithms and cloaked websites to digital redlining and pay-to-play advertising, today’s internet has not only left behind but further oppressed already marginalized communities. What was once a collaborative ecosystem full of possibility has evolved into a network controlled by tech monopolies that benefits only a fraction of the population. In building the Internet Computer — a nonproprietary, decentralized computing platform — the DFINITY Foundation is dedicated to making it approachable and accessible to all. We invite you to learn more about how the Internet Computer enables the next generation of builders to reboot the internet and champion web-based systems that work for everyone.

Alexa Smith manages the Developer Partner Program at DFINITY, supporting developers and entrepreneurs in building software and services on the Internet Computer. She previously led blockchain partnership and ecosystem development for both startups and enterprise. She founded BASF’s Blockchain Lab and was a founding team member and Director of Market Development at Xpansiv. She has led several projects at the intersection of blockchain and impact and is passionate about the use of decentralization to catalyze positive social and environmental change.


Michael Hunte leads Community Operations at DFINITY. He began working on the Internet Computer project in 2017 following previous work within the Community Operations team at Facebook. As an entrepreneur and alternative funding advocate, he helped support the global startup community in years prior. At DFINITY, Michael advocates for a diverse community of developers, educators, enterprises, and blockchain enthusiasts.