The Annual National HBCU Blockchain and FinTech Conference is the FinTech Center’s premier event for connecting with university leaders, faculty, and students discussing today’s challenges and opportunities, and shaping the future of FinTech education and research. The Annual National HBCU Blockchain and FinTech  Conference, November 06-08, 2022 will provide a forum for the faculty, students, and administrators in the FinTech Center’s HBCU Consortium to hear and discuss the findings of sponsored research and outcomes of sponsored innovative blockchain projects at various HBCUs.

Last year President David K. Wilson welcomed more than 600 faculty, students, alumni, and industry leaders to The 2nd National HBCU Blockchain Research and Innovation Conference. This year, The National FinTech Center has organized a two-day conference where HBCU faculty discuss research papers and present innovative education projects, and industry participants (sponsors) present tools and techniques used in leading-edge financial technology. Invited HBCU Student Scholars will have the opportunity to discuss career options with blockchain and FinTech companies.

The National FinTech Center is creating a National Resume Database of HBCU students interested in careers in Blockchain and FinTech to be shared with the conference sponsors.

Submit your resumes here.

Sponsors 2022

The National FinTech Center thanks CFTC and The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta for their support and the following partners for their financial contributions.

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