Edwin Aoki is a PayPal Technology Fellow and the CTO of the PayPal’s Blockchain, Crypto, and Digital Currencies (BCDC) unit, where he is
responsible for driving sustained growth and innovation in digital asset technology. Previously, he spent nearly a decade as the company’s Chief
Architect, tasked with defining the company’s long-term technical roadmap and architecture and advancing the technologies and
technologists that have enabled PayPal to become a fintech leader.

Before joining PayPal in 2010, Edwin was at Netscape and AOL for more than 13 years as Technology Fellow and Chief Architect, overseeing the
architecture and technology strategy for many of AOL’s consumer facing products, including instant messaging, mail, mobile, enterprise and
developer programs. Edwin’s earlier roles include positions with Intuit, GO Corporation, and Apple Computer.

Edwin graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Sociology and Computer Science; is a published author; and holds several software patents. When he’s not at work, Edwin is involved with wildlife conservation and likes to spend time with big cats.