After a highly successful pilot program, the FinTech Center and Binance.US,  presents the HBCU Students Battle for the Cryptos 2.

We encourage HBCU students of all majors and levels of experience to participate. 

Students will learn about cryptocurrency investing, trading, and portfolio management financial fitness and literacy and have the chance to win crypto-cash awards.  

Student participants will receive funds in a Binance. US® wallet*  and use them to trade cryptocurrencies and compete for crypto-cash awards.

*Students will be required to provide identity and financial information to create a wallet in compliance with AML and KYC regulations.

The deadline for applications is February 8, 2021. 

First come, first serve based on a fully completed application. Space is limited.

The Battle begins March 1, 2021. 

Trading ends at midnight on Thursday, May 6, 2021. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Morgan State University (the University), and Morgan’s Center for the Study of Blockchain and Financial Technology (The Center) are not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using any information provided during the HBCU Students Battle for the Cryptos on its website, in the Telegram group, or any social media outlets. Information provided is intended solely for informational and educational purposes.

  • Absolutely none of the information provided is a recommendation to buy or sell any investment or asset, nor a guarantee of results. No guarantee of any kind is implied or possible where projections of future conditions are attempted. Past performance does not guarantee or predict future results.

None of the content published by The Center constitutes a recommendation or endorsement of any particular trading platform, cryptocurrency, portfolio of cryptocurrencies, transaction or investment strategy.

Investing in cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and any form of digital assets involves considerable risk and does NOT include guarantees of profit nor of avoiding losses. Hypothetical results have inherent limitations and are not predictive of actual success. The University and the Center make no representation that any trade will or is likely to achieve any profit at all.


Catherine Coley, CEO of Binance.US  “I love speaking with college students about their financial futures and how digital assets can play a part. The returns these students saw in just a few weeks are only piqued by the new confidence they now have in trying something new and learning how to invest together. Can’t wait to do it again!”

Student Competitors: 

Jioke Kamanu: Computer Science Major “I didn’t know much about crypto prior to starting, I had some exposure to blockchain from classes but that’s about it. Looking forward, I hope to make meaningful contributions at a promising startup or big tech company while developing significantly as a professional”.

Ismael Busso, Biotechnology Major “I knew the basics about the cryptocurrencies such as it being an asset and a means of investment. I knew that it is a decentralized structure that allows them to exist outside the control of the government and central authority. I also knew about the basics of blockchains. I hope to learn a lot from this competition and I hope to use this to get out of my comfort zone. I will use the competition to analyze risk tolerance.”

Christina Coleman Business Administration Major “During this program, I learned a lot – from dollar backed stablecoins to crypto pairings to crypto’s origin story. The reason I am so excited about crypto is because it was originally created for a greater good, it was built out of the mistrust of banks. I believe that investing in crypto is key to the next generation of entrepreneurs and has the opportunity to make life better for my family and my community.

Xavier Vaughn, Computer Science Major “The competition was great– and so was being able to be a part of a community. I particularly liked talking to people from different skill levels, seeing their different strategies and being able to learn from each other. I’m a big proponent about spreading knowledge about crypto; I’ll definitely be investing in the future.